Week 2 – Joshua 1: 6-9

This week I focused heavily on Joshua 1 particularly verses 6-9 . It is interesting to actually think about who Joshua was during this book. He was a leader and his personal success was definitely related to his attitude toward God. He encouraged others to maintain a wholehearted devotion and love for God.

My emotions play a big role in my reactions and where my focus goes. I know I can regain focus by minimizing the distractions and emotions that are currently in the way. First course of action, I need to realize that I can’t change what has been done in the past. Mental breakdowns and turmoil only creates wasted energy. It is kind of like having only one gallon of gas to burn. How are you going to burn it?

Although, I don’t understand what my purpose is, I have to have faith in where God is sending me. Fear I shall not, for God is holding my hand through this battle according to Joshua. No person or thing can take me down in my life. I need to be strong and of good courage.

I will not turn from the law of God and I will mediate on it day and night. My hope is that I shall make my way prosperous and deal wisely bringing good success. I will try to be strong and courageous in my journey. I won’t be afraid of what is to happen and I won’t let myself have sudden loss of courage.

God is telling me (I think) to be of good courage because God is ever-present and will guide me to my destiny. So for now, I will choose not to give up on God and keep reading the bible. It is Krazy that I would again just flip to a verse in the Bible and read a message that actually applies to how I am currently feeling. That to me is just so weird but whatever.

Sharing my journey (blogging) of my walk with God is definitely new to me but I find relief in it for some strange reason. So I guess to sum this up, I am supposed to quit being scared of every damn thing that happens. Holy shit, that is going to be a hard task for me. I guess I am going to have to climb that mountain.

Climbing the Mountain

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