Panic Attack Today!

“For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” – ISAIAH 41:13

God spoke to me today after reading this verse.
The Lord’s message is to remember that his love is steadfast (firmly established and unchanging) and that I have to build endurance in my dependability on him to help me through my problems, even when I do not understand how to fix them.

I had a panic attack today because I could not see past my own judgments and expectations of myself. Feeling like no one understands me or that I am alone in this world is not depending on God but my mind based on worldly views constantly thinks this way. The fear of failure got the best of me today.

Building endurance in my faith is one of my biggest challenges in my personal relationship with God. In my heart, I know God will not let me fail, he has always provided me with STRENGTH & HOPE to keep trying. So for the rest of today, I will be patient with myself and remember that God is building up my endurance to rely on him to show me the way.

Definition of Endurance:
1. State or capability of lasting; continuance.
2. To remain firm, as under suffering; to suffer patiently; to bear up.
3. To tolerate; to put up with.
4. To be compatible with; to allow.

Prayer for Today:
God, please help me to take one day at a time and provide my mind with relief in knowing that you will not let me fail and that you are in control of what I do not understand. In the name of Jesus…AMEN!

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