Amazing Words, Amazing Person!!

via Season Of Hope

Please click the above link for a great person blogging great words of encouragement! She has been an inspiration to me everyday this week!

It is truly amazing how God can just fix problems in one day that you thought were impossible to fix or would be a tedious task, not worth even trying to solve or weighing on your mind to the point of nausea and migraines. Then the next day in God’s perfect timing an angel 😇 shows up to encourage you to not let others put you in fear causing you to lose your joy.

I always say I will never let anyone rob me of my joy but it is easy to fall back in old patterns and lose sight of who you are and what you represent! God  reminded me quickly of the true pure heart ♥️ I have and showed me his love 💕 and surprised me once again! 😉 Amazing!!!!

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