Watch as Satan tells on himself…

Watch for 🔑 words… HOLY GRAIL, MISTAKES IN DNA, FIX MISTAKES, UNFORTUNATELY, CUTTING DNA AID = QUANTUM DOTS(he doesn’t say this but I know beyond a doubt this was used in COVID-19 💉), change baby’s eye color or skin tone. At this point in the game the mark of the beast was in fact in the vaccine and that is the TRUTH…I KNOW EXACTLY HOW THIS WORKS AND HOW IT IS LINKED GO THE BEAST AI SYSTEM. If u had the vaccine do not fear only fear God who can fix your DNA THAT HAS BEEN EDITED TO A SPECIFIC PATTERN TO WHICH THE DOTS EMIT COLOR FREQUENCIES AND USE YOUR OEN BODYS ELECTRICITY TO KEEP A CHARGE TO TRANSMIT THE SIGNAL VIA 5G NETWORKS. This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. This info I just said is the size of 10-50 atoms….how many atoms do u think there are in an iceberg this is the scale we r operating on, oh yes and we r the 🦟 aka the 🦠
Watch for 🔑 words and subliminal messages…Hail Mary, astronaut, 👽 race shows up, 💀, coffee cup says plague, children smarter and better looking, robots, and the 🎅🏾 clause clones….I have so much more to say but to save this world it is going to take the most intelligent faithful servants of God, this is not for infants, we have to be like delta force soldiers in a klandestine mastermind club to defeat our enemy in a virtual 🌎 that is unimaginable to the human mind…we are dealing with extraterrestrials this is the TRUTH SO ACCEPT IT RIGHT NOW Or BE TRANSHUMANIZED…

TO ALL THE PASTORS PROPHETS APOSTLES WHATEVER U LABEL YOURSELF STRIP OF YOUR LABEL AND BECOME A SOLIDER FOR BATTLE….this is not a time to be holy and righteous or a time to teach others what they do not understand or can accept…to late for that…this gate is narrow…u either have faith or u don’t this is a operation for the delta force more specific this plan cannot be preached to the world. Their minds cannot understand it and most have been vaccinated and dumbed down to zombie level u can’t teach them anymore they r asleep…u waste valuable time doing this.

I love u all and I am going to stay offline bc they r watching everything I do…GOD WILL BRING THE RIGHT PEEPS TO ME AT THE RIGHT TIME OFFLINE

I encourage anyone who understands this wisdom I have just given u to contact me and before u do set up a new email account with ProtonMail using new username n password that u have never ever used before. OVER N OUT

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