About Me


I strive to accomplish and maintain personal goals in the development of individual peace. The goals consist of what I call the Love, Faith, and Hope Disorder. On the note of peace, I want to remind you that true peace is not the same as the feeling of being happy. Through my writings and experiences, I hope to show you a different journey in searching for God in a peaceful way.

The foundation of peace within yourself requires consistent and constant nourishment in the spiritual realm. A person’s spirit is far more than one knows, for if one knew of the true spirit of God we wouldn’t have the hell most individuals live in presently. Everyday the power of the Spiritual Law exists. Will you reach out and use the power of God to live in peace and be successful?

That is my mission because I am a person of Love, Faith, and Hope. To continue on with the journey, click above on my menu bar to navigate around the site and also review the lessons under categories on the right side of my page.


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