Week 1 – Psalms 143

Week 1 – Psalms 143

Why did I choose this Psalm to read? Well, the answer is simple, I just opened up the Bible to that page and picked it at random. Go figure that my first attempt to get spiritual would be about prayer. Hmm, funny how God works that way.

There has been many times that I have opened the Bible and felt like God never speaks to me. This time was different because I haven’t been talking to God at all and don’t think about praying. I guess that I had just given up on God so why would I pray.

So, let me get to my thoughts about this Psalm. The title of Psalms 143 is “An Earnest Appeal for Guidance and Deliverance”. For me I changed the title to “A request for support and guidance resulting in being protected from harm, risk, loss or destruction.”

So to me, this Psalm is all about praying humbly. Prayer is defined as having spiritual communion with God and in my opinion can be done all day long while you move through the day.

Now, according to what I know, God is a spirit that you must have faith in and through that faith we need to trust that God will answer. That answer is supposed to be morally right or justifiable. In addition, God’s answer is supposed to be the correct answer. But how does a person know if it is God talking or yourself talking?

I struggle with trying to figure out whether my heart or mind is God’s message. If I had to choose how God was communicating to me, I think I would choose through my heart and instinct. But that is totally questionable.

Back to the scripture, if you are like me currently then you have been through so many trials that your soul (who you are) has been diminished. Somehow, negative situations have crushed your life and brought you to your knees begging God for answers.

The darkness never seems to lift and you feel dead in this world. Therefore, your spirit is buried in a huge hole. Your heart is completely suffering and your mind is doing nothing but racing.

I remember the days where I walked in the spirit with God and was truly myself but I have lost that ability. This is why I am blogging and attempting to rekindle my relationship with God. Reading the Bible is hard because it was written during a time that we don’t even understand. But that is where the answers to our prayers are supposedly held to my knowledge.

I want to tell God that I want answers now, I am tired of waiting. I need the answers because I don’t know what to do anymore. I have exhausted all resources and my mind is in constant turmoil. So I have asked God not to hide from me because I am lost.

We can demand answers according to this Psalm but we must be patient. Well guess what, I am out of patience and tired of thinking the next day will be better. At night, I think, “Wow, glad I made it through another day.” Then I think, “Holy shit, how am I going to make it through the next day?”

God needs to answer and we need to have faith that he will answer according to Psalms 143. This Psalm tells us that God is good and he should teach us the direction we must go. God is suppose to bring our soul out of trouble and cut off the hurt and pain.

Will God show up this time? To answer this question we must meditate on the word. Look at the below picture, can you see God in it? Can you think of God when you see the sunset? Or are you to busy to even notice the sunset?
God in Silence
I know this sunset has a lot of darkness but in the distance there is light which gives me hope. I am trying to have faith that God will show me the next answer after this Psalm but we will see. I do know that our souls long for something greater than ourselves especially in times of trial.

That concludes my study of Psalms 143. Keep following my journey and I will update you weekly on what I am reading in the Bible and how I think I should apply it in my life. Only time will tell if God really shows up.

Until the next time, take a moment and read Psalms 143 and see what you think it means to you. Please comment on what you think about this Psalm as I would love to know what others think in comparison to what I think.