I Got Your Krazy🧬🕊⚖️🪔🕯📜❤️🎶⚡️🔥🦄🔔🇮🇱👁😉🤩😇😎🥳🤬🤯

Ever feel like you are going KRAZY over love? Feel like you are searching for a faith God Spirit to assist in your feeling of panic? Feel like you have all the hope in the world but can’t seem to get the people closest to you or even yourself to support and share your optimism?

Then you have come to the right place. In my search for the American Dream, I have got to say that I have searched high and low for God to hold my hand and bring that promised light into the darkness of the world. What I found is life changing and the relief that comes by actually knowing the True Spirit of God is forever changing my perspective.

For some people they can find God in church but the second they walk out of the church they still don’t truly know the real True Spirit of God. If they did know God then we would all be living in a peaceful world. But that is the problem, people don’t follow the 10 Commandments, people do not know what true peace is. The Bible was written so long ago that for the modern day it can be interpreted a million different ways and hardly makes sense to “Generation Y aka THE MILLENNIALS” given the current scientific data.

I have spent countless hours developing my own personal relationship with God and we can have Heaven here on Earth if we so choose. Hell is a myth, I don’t’ believe in Hell. Hell in my opinion in the Bible is referred to the present day – today. You either are alive or dead on this earth.

If you are truly alive then you are at peace and in Heaven at the present time on Earth. If you are living your life in the Hell driven drama of the world then you are in Hell. You can by the way be in both at the same time but how confusing is that. One day you are alive and all is well and then the next all Hell breaks loose. Choosing to be in Heaven in the present day consistently takes tapping into that Spiritual Energy and protecting that Energy in such a way that results in peace everyday.

Of course this is just my interpretation of what the Bible is referring to and I would never discredit anyone else’s belief system because the only judge is God. I am going to bring a new perspective to how I view the True God Spirit. I searched for God outside the church and I came to understand how to find TRUE Inner Peace that I could not find in any church that I attended.

Don’t forget to review my categories on the right of the page because that is where I move my old lessons in case you would like to read them.

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