Poem I wrote when I was 14 years old

It is funny what you write when you are a kid and where your mind was at the time. Just thought I would share this with you because it applies to me currently. It is like I wrote this for myself to read during a time of frustration.

I love the rain, the fresh air you breathe in.

Smells so fresh, the early spring season is about to begin.

I like to sit and watch the drops come down.

On the soft and delicate ground.

Then the wind and lightning takes its place.

And the trees whip around and animals run leaving no trace.

The clouds are dark and black.

Sounds of thunder make a terrifying bang, sounding as if we were under attack.

Then the pace of the storm becomes a little less.

There are trees and bushes torn to a mess.

Then you go outside to see the bright sun shining.

I look up and see a beautiful rainbow looking down smiling.