01.05.2021She will be lifted up high as a palm tree; she will laugh at the horse and at his rider….Because there they asked and they wanted the words of songs, and those leading us said to us,”Sing to us of the songs of Zion.”Samekh All passersby on the road strike their hands over you. They hiss and they shake their heads at the daughter of Jerusalem and they say:“Is this the city which they have been saying is the perfection of beauty, and the joy of all the Earth?”From Zion God has shown a glorious crown.Out of Sion comes the excellence of his beauty.“You are as beautiful as Tirzah, my darling, As lovely as Jerusalem, As majestic as an army with banners!”“You are beautiful, my intimate one, as desire; you are beautiful as Jerusalem, and you are awesome as the chosen one!”And Mount Zion is a glorious joy in all the Earth, which is in the north slopes, the city of the great King.The city of the great King is well planted on the mountains of Sion, with the joy of the whole earth, on the sides of the north.And I saw The Holy City, New Jerusalem, descending from Heaven from beside God, prepared like a bride adorned for her husband.To delight I shall delight in LORD JEHOVAH, and my soul will rejoice in my God, because he clothed me with the clothing of redemption, and he covered me with the mantle of righteousness like a glorious bridegroom and like an adorned bride!And like the Earth that brings forth a flower, and like a garden that sprouts seed, in this way LORD JEHOVAH God shall bring forth righteousness and glory before all the nations.For Zion’s sake I (Isaiah) will not be silent, And for Jerusalem’s sake I will not keep quiet, Until her righteousness and vindication go forth as brightness, And her salvation goes forth like a burning torch.And the nations shall see your righteousness and all Kings your honor, and a new name shall be called for you which the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH shall appoint…And you shall be a crown of glory in the hand of LORD JEHOVAH and a diadem of the Kingdom in the hand of your God!And you shall not again be called“She who is divorced”,and your land shall not again be called desolate, but you shall be called“My delight”and your land“Married”because LORD JEHOVAH delighted in you and your land shall take a husband.The third time the name Azubah occurs is in a small array of nicknames that the prophet Isaiah assigns to Zion and Jerusalem (Isaiah 62:4).This verb’s derivatives are:The feminine noun עזובה (‘azuba), meaning forsakenness, forsaken place or desolation (Isaiah 6:12 and 17:9 only).The identical root עזב (‘azab II) means to restore or repair and is used only in Nehemiah 3:8. It may be a different verb because it exists as such in cognate languages. But it may also be a very poetic use of the first root.ISRAEL = United KingdomJUDAH = United States of AmericaAnd Naboth said to Ahab,The LORD forbid it me, that I should give the inheritance of my fathers unto thee.“I will not give you the inheritance of my fathers.”“What is grieving your spirit, and you choose not to eat bread?”Give me thy vineyard for money; or else, if it please thee, I will give thee another vineyard for it:I will not give thee my vineyard.“Are you going to prosper that you will be King over Israel?Arise, eat bread, and it shall be well with you. I shall give you the vineyard of Nabuth the Yizreilite.”Decree a fast and set Nabuth above the people…Thou didst blaspheme God and the king. And then carry him out, and stone him, that he may die.”Nabuth cursed God and the King!”“Nabuth has been stoned, and he is dead.”“Arise, possess the vineyard of Nabuth the Yizreilite who chose not to sell it to you for money, because Nabuth is dead and not alive!”“Arise. Go down for a meeting of Akhab King of Israel who is in Samaria, behold, in the vineyard of Nabuth the Yizreilite, for he has gone down there to possess it. & say to him: thus says LORD JEHOVAH, behold, you have killed and behold you have taken possession! Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: in the place where dogs licked the blood of Nabuth, dogs shall also lick your blood yours!”“You have found me, my enemy!”I have found you, because you have exalted yourself to do evil before LORD JEHOVAH! 21Behold, I bring evil upon you, and I shall take away after you, and because of Akhab I shall destroy him who pisses on a wall, and him who binds and looses in Israel. 22And I shall make your household like the household of Yorbaam, son of Nebat, and like the household of Baasha, son of Akhiah, because of the anger that you provoked and you caused Israel to sin.” 23Also of Jezebel LORD JEHOVAH said: “Dogs shall eat Jezebel in the inheritance of Yizreil. 24He who will die of Akhab in the city dogs shall eat, and he who is his, who will die in the wilderness, the bird of the sky shall eat.”Seest thou how Ahab humbleth himself before me? because he humbleth himself before me, I will not bring the evil in his days: but in his son’s days will I bring the evil upon his house.So they dragged him out of the vineyard and murdered him. “What do you suppose the owner of the vineyard will do to them?” Jesus asked.What shall therefore the lord of the vineyard do? he will come and destroy the husbandmen, and will give the vineyard unto others.Catch all the foxes, those little foxes, before they ruin the vineyard of love, for the grapevines are blossoming! 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